The Next Generation of Timing & Frequency


Integrated GPS Disciplined OCXO

New for 2011, Jackson Labs Technologies is Introducing the GPSOCXO™, World’s first OCXO disciplined by an integrated GPS receiver, all neatly packaged within a 0.5 inch high Euro Can.

This innovative solution provides a direct FORM-FIT-FUNCTION drop-in replacement to outdated legacy OCXOs, straight into an existing PC board and its existing footprint while adding the enhanced capabilities of a 50 Channels WAAS GPS receiver to discipline the crystal.

The GPSOCXO provides Stratum-1 long term performance of better than 1 part per trillion per day, consumes less than 0.6W of power, and it is made available in either a 3.3V or 5V version.

Applications of the GPSOCXO are centered around two basic performance features; very accurate timing, and frequency accuracy and stability. The long-term frequency performance of the GPS-OCXO can rival and in fact outperforms that of many Rubidium standards.

Many competitors’ products use Numerically Controlled Oscillators (NCO) that are known to produce massive amounts of phase noise, spurs, jitter, and frequency-wander and are thus unsuitable for most high performance applications.

The GPSOCXO is a true disciplined crystal oscillator and as such it provides extremely low phase noise with no phase discontinuity or jumps and with a consistent tested jitter of less than 1 picoseconds rms.

By designing a fully integrated solution with high performance software, and optimizing the circuit design and packaging of the new GPSOCXO, Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. is able to offer this break-through product on the market at a cost that easily rivals that of some legacy Double Oven OCXO products of much lower performance.

The GPSOCXO can be integrated as a drop-in replacement into new products or it can be used as a direct replacement for legacy Euro Can OCXO’s using the same footprint and pinning as standard Euro Can OCXO’s.