Product Specifications for Military Applications

Products Applications Frequencies ADEV, Phase Noise Typ. Connectors Sine CMOS LVDS Temp Range g-sensitivity Size
CSAC Ultra High Stability without GPS, very fast warmup, low power Cesium 10MHz 1s: <8E-11, -155dBc/Hz MMCX, Hirose 4x 5MHz/1PPS no -40 to +85C <0.1ppb/g 2.5" x 3"
DROR Airborne Radar, ultra high Phase Noise performance under vibration 10MHz 1s: <8E-12, -160dBc/Hz SMA, DB-9 2x 2x1PPS no -45 to +75C 0.1ppb/g 6" x 6"
FireFly-1A(tm) UAV, small light weight, low power 10MHz or 16MHz or 20MHz or Custom 1s: <3E-11, -145dBc/Hz SMB or SMA 1x 1PPS no -45C to +75C ~2ppb/g 1" x 2.5"
FireFly-IIA low-g: ManPack, Vehicle, Airborne Radios/SatCom, Missiles 10MHz 1s: <6E-12, -158dBc/Hz MMCX, Hirose 3x no 1PPS/10MHz -25C to +75C 0.3ppb/g 1.5" x 3"
ULN-1100 Radar, up-conversion with ultra low phase noise 100MHz and 10MHz 1s: <6E-12, -160dBc/Hz MMCX, Hirose 3x 100MHz, 1PPS 4x100MHz/1PPS/10MHz -25C to +75C 0.3ppb/g 1.5" x 4"
ULN-2550 Radios, Radar, Jammers 25MHz (or 50MHz) and 10MHz and 100MHz 1s: <6E-12, -153dBc/Hz MMCX, Samtec no 100MHz/10MHz,1PPS 4x25MHz/1PPS -25C to +75C 0.3ppb/g 1.5" x 3.25"