The Next Generation of Timing & Frequency



The Mini-PCIe GPSDO module supports nanosecond timing for NTP, SNTP, GPSD, PTP/1588 and other industry-standard applications as well as an ultra-low-phase-noise 20MHz output and is suited for mission-critical financial transaction timing, and any other application requiring a high-precision timing, frequency, and position reference.

The Mini-PCIe Frequency and Timing module has an integrated 65-channel GPS receiver with WAAS, QZSS and SBAS support, filtered power supplies, and a software-disciplined ultra-stable crystal oscillator designed into an industry-standard Mini-PCIe form-factor. The Mini-PCIe module uses true analog crystal disciplining for superior ultra-low phase noise, Allan Deviation (ADEV), and jitter performance on its on-board 20MHz and 1PPS CMOS outputs.
The Mini-PCIe module provides better than one part per billion (1ppb) frequency accuracy typically and better than 10 nanoseconds timing accuracy on average in a Mini-PCIe form factor that can be integrated into servers, embedded PC’s, tablets, and notebook computers, and can also be externally connected to any computer via a standard USB cable with the support of a standard Mini-PCIe to USB adaptor.

The Mini-PCIe module is compatible to all full-length Mini-PCIe connectors that support the standard USB function, as well as Mini-SSD mSATA connector through the integrated USB capability.
Mini PCIe GPS Disciplined Oscillator
Mini PCIe GPS Disciplined Oscillator