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M12M Receiver

M12M Replacement Receiver

The JLT M12M Replacement Receiver is designed to be form, fit, and function compatible to the
legacy Motorola(r)/iLotus M12+ and M12M timing and navigation receivers while providing
significant performance and feature enhancements and upgrades by using a late-model
8th-generation high-end GNSS Timing receiver. This unit can be used as a stand-alone GNSS receiver
via the USB interfaces, or as a plug-and-play upgrade receiver for legacy equipment.
The unit is designed to simply be swapped out with the legacy receiver, instantly improving
positioning and timing performance, cold-start and capture time, tracking sensitivity, noise
immunity especially multipath and jamming immunity, as well as adding a host of additional features
such as multi-GNSS system reception. The M12M replacement receiver supports GPS, SBAS
(WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/ GAGAN etc.), Glonass, QZSS, BeiDou, and later Galileo GNSS
reception, with the capability to have any two GNSS systems being received at the same time.
The unit also includes smart software that senses the vehicle dynamics, and can quickly auto-
adjust the Kalman filter parameters to optimize the position/timing fix, optimizing the performance
dependent on actual vehicle dynamics.
The M12M replacement receiver also adds the capability of generating a highly accurate frequency
on a mini-coax (U.Fl) connector through a buffered 3V CMOS output that can generate a
user-programmable GNSS-synchronized frequency ranging from 1Hz to over 14MHz typically
(10MHz guaranteed).
The M12M replacement receiver is designed to fit directly into the popular JLT Fury GPSDO as well
as the popular Microsemi/Symmetricom XLI servers, and can be used to retrofit Fury and XLI units
to bring these up to the feature-sets and performance levels that the best GNSS receiver of 2015 can
The M12M replacement receiver can also be used as a stand-alone, low-power, size, and cost (SWAPC)
GNSS receiver/synthesizer by powering the unit from its USB connector(s), and it includes DIP switches
as well as 7-segment and status LED’s for easy configuration and status reporting. Pricing for the M12M
Replacement Receiver starts at $220 in single unit quantity.
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M12M Replacement Receiver Top
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