The Next Generation of Timing & Frequency


An extremely small GPSDO

FireFly-IIA is an extremely small Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) that has a built-in Distribution Amplifier, and a high-performance 50-channel GPS receiver with -160dBm tracking capability. FireFly-IIA is backwards form, fit, and function compatible to the FireFly-II GPSDO, and offers higher performance, and additional functionality in the same footprint. As a bonus, the FireFly-IIA provides special support for airborne applications by providing avionics systems with a 3D Velocity Vector, Attitude/Tilt information, Speed, Heading, Height (both MSL and GPS Height), Position, Time, Date, Frequency, Time-Stamping, and Health information.

At only 1.5 × 3.0 Inches small, FireFly-IIA provides Stratum-1 long-term performance of better than 5 parts per Trillion (5E-012) averaged over 24 hours at less than ½ the size of the smallest competitive products.

FireFly-IIA has a built-in 3-port distribution amplifier with +13dBm Sine Wave outputs and isolation of typ. better than 80dB at 3GHz, and 90dB at 10MHz between outputs.

FireFly-IIA provides an OCXO-sourced 1PPS LVDS output that is phase synchronized to better than 50ns rms to UTC (typ. <10ns rms), a high-accuracy LVDS 10MHz Output, as well as three independent 10MHz Sine-Wave outputs. The unit can be monitored and controlled by an RS-232 port via standard SCPI Commands, and is capable of generating NMEA-0183 output sentences for easy integration into existing infrastructure. With a phase noise floor of -155dBc/Hz, superior spurious-suppression, and very low jitter (<400fs rms) at a power consumption of <4W, the FireFly-IIA sets a new performance standard. FireFly-IIA is also available with a Ruggedized, extended temp-range, and low-g Oscillator option for demanding military applications. For mission-critical applications FireFly-IIA provides a direct redundancy feature allowing multiple units to be daisy-chained to each other for increased reliability.

FireFly-IIA OCXO options

The FireFly-IIA can be ordered with 3 different options depending on the stability/cost requirements:
  • Single OCXO, standard temperature range, for a very effective cost/performance ratio.
  • Double OCXO, extended temperature range, for best stability and holdover performance.
  • Double OCXO, ultra-extended temperature range, for higher stability and performance.